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Are you a Master Certified Ford Technician or on your way to becoming one?

Have dealership experience with one of the other guys? We are looking for technicians that can fix any kind of vehicles, not just Ford’s!

Are you working at a Ford Dealership now that says they can’t afford to, or won’t send you, to training? Are you done all of your web-based courses and still waiting to be enrolled in the classroom training?

At North Star Ford we send our technicians to training and we provide rate increases for it. We spend more on training than any other Ford Dealership in Canada!

Does your current employer have benefits that are unheard of in the Automotive Industry? North Star Ford provides an excellent benefits package which includes extended health and dental coverage, including 100% prescription cost coverage, Massage Therapy, Chiropractic, Acupuncture etc. We also have Gym Memberships and the Ford Pension Plan!

Want to retire quicker? We offer a higher employer contribution than most other Ford Pension plans, let us show you how you can hit retirement younger than you expected!

Interested? Call us now - 403-547-9376 or send us your resume!